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Last week was one of the longest nights of my entire life. I could barely sleep due to a major tooth ache which started the other day. I would have went to a dentist sooner but i’m kinda have a phobia. Today I put my phobia aside and said enough was enough. Luckily I had a referral she gladly recommended Lynnwood dental center. I booked an appointment and within the very same day I called so that was nice.

Let me tell you my experience was the best ever when seeing a dentist. I though if you guys are looking for dental treatment I would share my experience below.

The receptionist was very helpful and made me feel better about being so nervous. She was very nurturing and kept me positive while walking back to the waiting room. Everyone seemed like there was no need to be worried so that made me feel better.

At the waiting area I met a lady who was so great she made me forget all about the tooth ache I had. They also had many useful diagrams around about the procedure I was going to have. The doctor who was demonstrating made it look easier and friendly to make the patients feel at ease before getting started with treatment. This made me great and I was ready to face my fears.

The video I watched showed me how to take care of the extraction to ensure that it would not get infected. It did seam like common sense but better to be prepared then not.

When I was later called to see the doctor, I was surprised by what I witnessed. The room was so beautiful and clean. The doctor was awesome he ensured that I was happy. He asked smart questions before to make sure that I was at ease. He explained the procedure once again and assured me it was a painless procedure. True to his word, I smiled after the tooth was plucked.

I was booked for an appointment at a later date so that the doctor could monitor my wound. If I tell you that I am not looking forward to the appointment, I will be lying. Lynnwood Dental Center made my day and I will recommend them to anyone.

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