Choosing the Right Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for medical care for your children. Not only do you want a person that is skilled and knowledgeable but also one that has a great personality and will get along with your kids. When it comes to pediatric dentistry, personality is even more important because they are responsible for teaching and reinforcing good dental habits. If your child does not like the person, chances are they will not follow the advice. Think of how much kids look up to their role models from the television and movies; when they think their dentist is cool, they will be more likely to adhere to their advice. In fact, it can even end up working better than when t same advice comes from you.


When you search for the right kid dentist in Port Orchard, your biggest ally will be word of mouth. Talk to other parents in the area and find out who they trust. Once you have a list of trusted names, you want to check their credentials because this always lets you know who you are dealing with in terms of skills. Take not of the size of the office; a busy dental office does mean it is popular but also means there will be longer waiting times and scheduling appointments may be a hassle. You want to make sure the whole family gets along with the dentist, since you will all have to be visiting them time and time again.

Look at the search for a dentist as similar to hiring a new employee. There is no harm in conducting interviews and finding out what the place and people are like before committing your child to a practice. References can certainly guide you to a few good options, but ultimately your own opinion will be more reliable, so meet with the dentist first. After all you are the parent and know your child best, so as someone who will be spending quite a bit of time with your child, you will know who works and who does not. Your parental instincts are a better judge of character than credentials and the opinion of others. Plus you have to consider that every child is different so not all kids will get along with the same dentist.

The process of picking a pediatric dentist should be thorough because ideally this person will be caring for your child over several years. Making a researched and well-rounded decision will save you time and money because you are able to pick one person to last. If you have to switch dentists every couple of years, this can be a real hassle. Each time you go to the new one, they have to familiarize yourself with your child and their dental history. Having one dentist that is familiar with your family and the child’s dental history will allow more accurate diagnoses as well as the ability to catch things earlier, such as a need for braces.

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